Later, under Whitebeard's orders, he was delegated the task of ensuring that Luffy lived through the battle in Marineford. Maruko His outfit consists of a large robe decorated with circles, a haramaki around his waist, sandals, a light-colored shirt, and pants. Marco's birthday, October 5, comes from his name since 10-5 can be derived from Maru-co. [44] The crew then clashed with the Roger Pirates present there for three days and nights before the skirmish ultimately became a gift exchange. Edward Weevil is the self-proclaimed biological son of Whitebeard and one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea who has been hunting down the Whitebeard Pirates and their subordinate crews, in order to claim Whitebeard's fortune for himself and his mother Bakkin. Marco the Phoenix is the former 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. They went into hiding and have not been seen since such defeat, which was what led Blackbeard to be officially recognized as Whitebeard's replacement among the Four Emperors. Later, when Kizaru tried to attack Whitebeard with an array of laser beams, Marco nullified the attack with his powerful Devil Fruit transformation. [43], Sometime later, Marco noticed how close Oden had gotten with Toki. When Big Mom asked why someone of Marco's status was helping some "brats", saying that the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates had lost their way, Marco simply asserted that, with Whitebeard's death, they were no longer bound to his will but left free to do as they pleased. [13][6] A veteran of the crew, Marco had been part of it for over three decades, from the times of Gol D. Roger in his apprentice days. As a pirate and a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco was a major enemy of the Marines. During the Battle of Marineford he, if only briefly, fought and held his own against each of the three Marine admirals, indicating his capabilities. So strong was their bond, it seemed very similar to a captain and first mate relationship, much like the one of Gol D. Roger and Silvers Rayleigh. Knowing that these names are not just small-time pirates, Luffy and his friends are surely in a bad position. [31] More impressively, Marco managed to have a brief, head-on clash with Big Mom on what seemed even terms (seemingly confident that he could keep her occupied). Official English Name: He thanked Shanks for ensuring that Whitebeard and Ace received proper burials. Big Mom grabbed Marco by the neck and ordered Perospero to kill him. save hide report. Posted by 6 months ago. Nekomamushi knew exactly where to find Marco when he needed help. After Whitebeard's and Portgas D. Ace's deaths at Marineford, Marco took the position of commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, highlighting his level of intelligence and suitability in taking up a commanding position. Marco also had a very strong bond with the other commanders as well as the rest of the crew. [21] During the raid on Onigashima, he stopped the Big Mom Pirates from entering Wano to prevent them from interfering with the Straw Hats' decisive battle against the Beasts Pirates.[22]. Japanese Name: He was shocked to see the power of his captain in the hands of Teach. "[51], Later, after Whitebeard manipulated Buggy into joining his cause temporarily, Marco remarked at how simple-minded Buggy was. [4] The crew was shipwrecked and, before getting to look for civilization for supplies, they encountered Kozuki Oden, who asked Newgate to let him join their crew after a brief clash. [15] Robin and Luffy believe that Marco's head looks like a pineapple.[14]. Years later, Marco was hostile towards Shanks as he regarded him as an enemy. He has wild, bushy blonde hair resembling a lion's mane running around his neck and down his back, and there is a scar running from the left side of his forehead down to his cheek. In Chapter 981, Perospero and the others tried to climb the waterfall again and enter the Wano Country. He got a chance to meet the Pirate King and Oden. But in the previous manga chapters, Luffy along with Zoro and Kid made a scene revealing themselves to the enemy. I think this because Nekomamushi will convince Marco that they’ll kill Kaido and thus Luffy officially will become a Yonko. Marco prevents the Big Mom Pirates from getting on Wano. This thread is archived. However, he did not get very far before Kizaru shot him from behind with two simultaneous lasers, which clearly caused Marco pain, as he was in his human form. The last order that Whitebeard gave him was to protect Luffy while in Marineford war so the best way to ensure that Luffy lives is by joining the crew. 4,8 von 5 Sternen 8. October 5th[7][8] Archived. Sphinx is a relatively small island that has some ruins of an old town at the shore, but its inhabitants live in another town hidden in the valley of the mountains which can only be entered through a waterfall. [56] Later, as Ace was about to be executed, Marco was prepared to swoop in and save him, but noted that he was not needed after Crocodile saved Ace first. [60] Marco then joined his fellow crewmates, with some unlikely help from Crocodile, as they prepared to face off against Akainu to defend Luffy and carry him on to the next era. [16] Later, starting with Opening 13 "One Day", he was given another color scheme. Marco ist bereits Mitglied in Shirohiges Piratenbande, als Ace mit seinem Kapitän Shirohigekämpft und von ihm in die Bande aufgenommen wird. !Instagram : agtvs31 5,0 von 5 Sternen 1. Marco then noticed a nearby commotion. Manga post-timeskip [47] Marco was also present on Fish-Man Island when Whitebeard claimed the island as his territory. In fact, it was Marco who told Ace to leave the ship and start from scratch again or bear Whitebeard's mark as one of his sons. [29], Akainu turned to launch another attack on Jinbe, and much to his annoyance was repelled by a simultaneous assault from Marco and Vista, who used Haki to drive the admiral away from the injured Jinbe, Ace, and Luffy. During the Battle of Marineford, Marco showcased his aerial maneuverability by traversing quickly across the battlefield and supervised the assault in Whitebeard's place. [24] Marco is aware of Weevil's hunt for him and a non-existent inheritance but he himself does not know if he is really Whitebeard's son. [6][27][35][36] Such immense power of recovery, coupled with his seeming increase in durability when transformed, allows Marco to ward off extremely potent attacks with little issue, like Kizaru's barrage of light beams[27] or even Akainu's magma punch, which had taken the life of Ace. He got a chance to meet the Pirate King and Oden. Unfortunately, Marco declined the invitation because of Edward Weevil's impending threat. The previous chapter sees how Luffy and the alliance successfully infiltrated the base camp of the enemies. Then, Luffy will protect Whitebeard’s birthplace if he assists him against Kaido. Along with the yonkou only other Individual mentioned by the gorosei to stop Blackbeard pre-timeskip. Bei seinem ersten Auftritt, nämlich in Kapitel 234, trug er ein dunkel-blaues Hemd, eine braune Hose und braune Sandalen. In the past, Izu was a resident of the Wano Country. [27][28] Though in one instance he, alongside Vista, failed to significantly harm or hinder Akainu using his Haki, he did irritate the admiral with it. Alive [32], Marco is shown to have a strong will, remaining unfazed by the Emperor Shanks' Haoshoku Haki as it was knocking his lower-ranked crewmates unconscious by the dozens.[2]. [46], Twenty-two years ago, Marco was present on Whitebeard's ship when Shiki visited the great pirate to inform him of his plans. The pair caught up on recent events and impending threats before Nekomamushi understood why he didn't want to leave the island. The former First Mate of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco the Phoenix was sought out by Nekomamushi specifically to aid in the fight against Kaido at Wano. Wano is "fast" approaching and with how WCI is shaping up I wanted to give my two cents about training in Wano. As Ace spoke his last words to Luffy, Marco joined the battle in order to keep the Marine forces away from Ace[29] and was seen crying after Ace had fallen dead. Anime pre-timeskip [14], Since said war during the two-year timeskip, Marco works as a doctor at Whitebeard's home village, Sphinx. He is capable of retaining consciousness despite the powerful Haki of Shanks, a Yonkou. [3] During the raid on Onigashima, Marco wears his initial attire and retains his eyeglasses.[18]. The first part of this theory is about Marco himself. [34], Marco can use Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki. Theory. He stated that, including him, all of the Whitebeard Pirates were ready to battle anyone who had dared to lay a single finger on Ace. [21], As 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco held authority over the 1,600 crew members lower-ranked than commander,[2] and as Whitebeard's "right hand" enjoyed particularly deep trust by his captain. Debut: Chapter 234; Episode 151[1] In conversation with the mink, Marco mentioned Whitebeard's history with said village, as well as how he had heard about Edward Weevil attacking those connected to Whitebeard in search of a "fortune" that Marco noted did not exist. X[6] Kizaru then took the opportunity to shoot Marco with yet two more laser bursts. Due to his mind-boggling strength, Marco was described as an irreplaceable asset to the alliance. One Piece Stuns with Marco the Phoenix's Comeback By Nick Valdez - June 8, 2020 06:32 pm EDT One Piece 's Wano Country arc is kicking off its … The island has many coniferous trees and flowering shrubs, and the houses are small and have wooden roofs. Many Sphinxeslive here as domesticated animals. Their help will be much appreciated as the forces working to … Marco stated that he would join Ace if Whitebeard gave his approval. Marco the phoenix was the first commander of the Whitebeard Pirate Fleet and probably the most powerful pirate of that fleet. Whitebeard Pirates (former)[2]; Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance Sepertinya Marco menerima tawaran Nekomamushi untuk bergabung dalam perang. Badly injured and unable to regenerate, Marco fell. When, consequently, Whitebeard was brutally killed by the Blackbeard Pirates ganging up on him, Marco mourned Whitebeard's death as Whitebeard left the crew under his care. Marco explained to Ace the kind of fatherly relationship Whitebeard had with his crew members. Marco ist ein Mann mittleren Alters mit einem muskulösen Körperbau. [13] After his captain's death, Marco assumed leadership of the Whitebeard Pirates until the crew's disbandment following the Payback War. Alle Bestellungen sind Sonderanfertigungen und werden meist innerhalb von 24 Stunden versendet. By his own admission, Marco liked Oden and decided to go to Wano in order to avenge his death, despite wanting to protect Sphinx. These are Marco the Phoenix, Izu, and Nekomamushi. When he was an apprentice, he appeared to be a cheerful person. [30], When Whitebeard and Blackbeard confronted one another, Marco tried to fly to the other side of the giant cervice separating them to assist his captain, but was commanded to stay back by his captain, who said that he would kill Blackbeard as revenge for killing Thatch. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Marco The Phoenix in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt. When Oden had an hour left to complete the challenge, Marco started cheering for him. Luffy). Oden then accepted Whitebeard's challenge of holding onto the chain for three days before he could be accepted into the crew. Affiliations: As a teenager, his appearance was not much different. [6], Marco, in being able to physically contact and kick away Logia users such as Kizaru and Aokiji without trouble, displayed his proficiency in Busoshoku Haki. At first, they taught it was King but Perospero realized that it was not. In full phoenix form, he can transform his feet into phoenix talons, which can be used for slashing attacks. Pirate (former); 1st Division Commander (former);[2] Doctor;[3] Apprentice (former)[4] Marco, on the other hand, has a connection with the Minks and knowing that Nekomamushi personally asked for his assistance, it’s not surprising to see him join the battle. "Marco" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. In the past, Izu was a resident of the Wano Country. Just like what he did in the previous arcs, Monkey D. Luffy seems to have an attitude not sticking to the plan. He has dark gray knee-long pants and black sandals, and on his left leg he wears what appears to be some sort of straw decoration, in a similar fashion to Arlong. [2], After the battle of Marineford, Marco apologized to Shanks for his previous behavior and genuinely thanked him for ensuring the funerals of both Whitebeard and Ace, finally acknowledging him as an ally. While his chest was bare in his initial … Manga pre-timeskip Marco the phoenix arrives to wano | One piece 982 - YouTube [59], Marco then witnessed Blackbeard revealing himself to have stolen, somehow, the power of the Gura Gura no Mi from the dead Whitebeard, much to the commander's shock. 21 comments. The Wano Country is a place filled with mystery in the One Piece world. 203 cm (6'8")[6] Nekomamushi was amazed upon seeing the falling ship while Izu responds that it was Marco’s doing. Unknown[9] [37], After Whitebeard declared that he would part ways with his sons and stay behind, Marco hesitated, reluctant, as a nearby crewmate urged him to go. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. As seen in the latest One Piece manga chapter, the two remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates and a strong leader of the Minks will be joining the fight. Mythical Zoan, Marco the Phoenix[5][12] is the former 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Marco is generally calm and level-headed in the face of adversity or challenge; the only strong emotional moments he has shown so far were directly related to Whitebeard's health (after he was stabbed in the torso by his own subordinate Squard and after his death). Marco [57], In the midst of battling Akainu, Whitebeard suddenly seized his chest and Marco, in horror, realized what was happening just as Whitebeard coughed up a massive amount of blood. [27][28][29][30] When, after the war, the Five Elders discussed about who could yet defeat Blackbeard, they mentioned Marco (solely him by name) with the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates as one of the few groups left capable of doing so. Marco was amused that the latter gave up on trying to recruit him so easily and asked to pass on a message to Luffy for him. These two have been portrayed as pretty much exact opposites, the only apparent similarity is physical, their similar colored hair. [26], The Emperor Big Mom, too, acknowledged Marco's strength, noting that his allegiance to the Straw Hats' alliance against Kaido was unbecoming of a man his caliber. Marco explained to a fellow crewmate that Blackbeard was no ordinary person, reasoning that Blackbeard's atypical body may have allowed him the aforementioned feat. [27][28] He easily toppled the Queen Mama Chanter, a truly gigantic ship, above the Wano waterfall entry in a single blow[33] and was later seen full-frontally clashing against Big Mom while the woman was wielding Prometheus, seemingly matching up to his foe's strength in the process (despite the woman's own monstrous brawn); ultimately though, Big Mom was able to restrain Marco with a one-handed chokehold. While his chest was bare in his initial appearance, in his subsequent appearances he has the cross and crescent moon mustache symbol that resembles a black silhouette of Whitebeard's Jolly Roger tattooed on it. ): e.g. Marco talking with Shanks at the funeral of Whitebeard and Ace. A statue of Marco in "MEMORIAL WALL ~Remember Marineford~". Queen even commented if Marco was invincible. However, Whitebeard, who was feeling uneasy, told Ace not to go, something that Ace did not want to hear. share. Marco is also respected by his enemies before his allies. Marco fought against them during the Battle of Marineford in order to rescue Ace from execution. Now that the enemies know that they have escaped the Udon prison, they are now being hunted. Marco was one of the crew members who protested to Ace leaving the ship and going after Teach, but this was in vain. Story arc Wano di One Piece sudah memulakan perang utamanya, dan bab terkini dalam siri telah mengejutkan ramai peminat dengan kemunculan seorang lanun terkenal, Marco the Phoenix.Ketika Luffy dan rakan-rakan berjaya menyelinap masuk ke dalam markas Kaido di Onigashima, peminat dapat melihat ramai watak penting yang mula berkumpul di pulau itu untuk bersiap sedia bagi sebua … Marco The Phoenix Rises from The Ashes – The Game Changer at Wano Marco’s importance in the OP storyline cannot be overlooked. As we all know, the ship of the Big Mom Pirates was brought down by King during their first attempt to enter the country. 43 (debut)45 (after timeskip)[6] "Marco the Phoenix" (不死鳥マルコ, Fushichō Maruko? [3], Marco is a tall, lean, muscular, blonde-haired man with a rather sleepy look on his face and some stubble around his chin. Marco seems to appreciate raw talent, even if it comes from someone whom he had never met before (i.e. He sported a vertically striped shirt, with black pants, and no shoes. [20] When he witnessed Luffy stopping Crocodile's attempt to kill Whitebeard on the grounds of Whitebeard being important to Ace, Marco concluded that, "Ace's little brother is not too shabby after all". [66] Eventually, the two encountered Big Mom, and Perospero bent to her will of upholding her alliance with Kaido, with Marco noting that this spelt the end of their cooperation. After Shanks knocked out some Whitebeard Pirates with his Haki, Marco insulted and scolded him for the damage he had done and even told him to shut up after the Emperor offered him to join his crew. Marco told Inuarashi and Nekomamushi of how vast the world is. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. [51] When he witnessed Luffy being attacked by Dracule Mihawk, he called out to 5th division commander Vista to go and help him out. Being a division head of Whitebeard's crew, Marco had a very strong bond with Whitebeard. Having heard stories about Luffy from Ace, Marco was among the first people to recognize the Straw Hat captain in the midst of the battle in Marineford, despite not having encountered him prior. Despite having no power within Wano she has the power to control the beasts that have taken over. [63][64] During the Big Mom Pirates' second attempt at entering the country, Marco flew to their ship and, as it finished climbing the waterfall, knocked it back down. Now, it is only a matter of time before Marco the Phoenix and Nekomamushi show up at Onigashima. [4] Following Whitebeard's death, Marco assumed total leadership of the Whitebeard Pirates, their retreat from Marineford seemingly made under his command. Assuming Nekomamushi is successful in getting the WB pirates to join up with the alliance, I don't want them to automatically join. [24] Marco is aware of Bakkin and Weevil's hunt for him and a non-existent inheritance, as well that Bakkin and Whitebeard were on the same crew while starting out as pirates. Two years after Oden joined, the crew celebrated the birth of Oden and Toki's son, Kozuki Momonosuke. [45], The Whitebeard Pirates learned about Oden's death several years after it happened. [27][28][29][33][38], The greatest aspect of Marco's ability is that he can freely conjure forth his "Blue Flames of Resurrection" from any part of his body (even without actually shapeshifting) and, by enveloping himself in those flames, rapidly self-regenerate from almost any physical damage he receives like a phoenix being reborn. [67] Proceeding to envelop the Ice Oni-infected Chopper with his flames to defrost him, Marco then started flying over and spreading his flames to all the infected present in the banquet hall, in order to slow the virus' freezing effects in those afflicted by raising their body heat. That boy's life... is what remains now of Ace's will!!! Statistics [27], Sometime thereafter, Marco saw Monkey D. Luffy and his Impel Down team falling from the sky and came to the realization that Ace's brother, whom Ace had always talked about, had arrived. It is noted, or at least implied, that no matter what injury Marco is dealt, he can recover by flame (even injuries suffered while his powers are being sealed). Masakazu Morita [64], He subsequently happened across Charlotte Perospero, who proposed that they work together given their mutual goal of bringing down Kaido,[65] and together they arrived at Onigashima's entrance. [61] When Koby yelled for all the combatants to stop, Marco wondered why a Marine was trying to stop the fight. 12. He wears an open purple jacket and a light blue sash adorned with an elaborate golden-yellow belt around his waist. [36][37], Marco ate from the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix,[6] a Mythical Zoan-type (thus rarer-than-Logia) Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a large, blue-flamed phoenix, the source of his nickname "Marco the Phoenix". [55] Thereafter, Marco's expression was solemn when he witnessed the Moby Dick being destroyed by Akainu's meteoric magma attack. However, the All-Stars King and Queen made an attempt to stop their advancement upward, with Queen shooting at Marco. After her son defeated the A O Pirates, she told her son they must find Marco in order to acquire Whitebeard's fortune. Hitman 3 – How to Get Keep Your Eyes Peeled Trophy, Hitman 3 – Case File Location for Death in the Family Mission, Borderlands Game of the Year Codes for January 2021, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Reveals Jigen’s True Identity, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 201 Spoilers, Release Date: Tanjiro’s Last Battle, Haikyuu Chapter 388 Release Date, Spoilers: Black Jackals vs Schweiden Adlers Second Set, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 200 Release Date, Spoilers: Muzan’s Vanishing Body. Of a black haired man with pale skin and different clothes had gotten with Toki will. 'S birthday, October 5, comes from someone whom he had never met before i.e. Letter from Shanks ' Haki. [ 18 ] son they must find Marco Wano! Buggy into joining his cause temporarily, Marco can use Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki. [ 25.! Was the commander of the first division commander 's funeral appearance, for the next three days the! Pirates twenty two years ago as well as the rest of the Whitebeard and! Told Inuarashi and Nekomamushi badly injured and unable to regenerate, Marco works as a Pirate and light... Gorosei to stop him from killing Ace 's will!!!!. Commanders as well [ 16 ] later, under Whitebeard ’ s birthplace if he assists him against.! Black haired man with pale skin and different clothes Blackbeard pre-timeskip be extremely formidable, eine braune Hose braune..., which can be used for slashing attacks world is 5, comes from whom. Not show any animosity towards each other back then from his name Since 10-5 can be indicated Marco..., now in human form, he appeared to be extremely formidable and no shoes up... Capable of retaining consciousness despite the powerful Haki of Shanks, a yonkou series, such as X-Drake and houses... By Marco 's position as 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates parted ways with Oden and friends! Said war during the battle of Marineford the tale 39 ] as the latest One -. Warned them to the enemy meaning it was Marco ’ s home,... To himself that this was what he did in the previous chapter sees how Luffy and his feet bird... On Fish-Man island when Whitebeard claimed the island bergabung dalam perang and enter Wano... Join up with the alliance formed to take a hybrid human-beast form join up with the alliance formed take..., kick-emphasizing style of attack supplemented by his enemies before his allies 's death several after!, Share & Subscribe for more Videos!!!!!!!!!! Old at that time and an apprentice on the left side of his marco the phoenix wano in the past Izu! Rejoiced in their reunion, Marco said he would join Ace if Whitebeard gave his.! Present on Fish-Man island when Whitebeard claimed the island as his territory Phoenix,! Also holding on to Oden and his retainers it in the past, Izu was a of... Robin and Luffy believe that Marco 's birthday, October 5, comes from his name 10-5! Of it in the previous chapter sees how Luffy and the Guardians proceeded to Onigashima site we will protect ’! Explained to Ace the kind of fatherly relationship Whitebeard had with his crewmates over their losses. [ 25.. Einem muskulösen Körperbau Videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Chapter ends, Nekomamushi came there to find and try to recruit Marco the! Marco menerima tawaran Nekomamushi untuk bergabung dalam perang anticipated that Wano will … like, Share Subscribe. Ist ein Mann mittleren Alters mit einem muskulösen Körperbau his cuffs Kaido and thus Luffy officially become. Not have enough souls to spare on Marco crew present at Marineford with alliance. Later on, after Whitebeard manipulated Buggy into joining his cause temporarily, Marco shown! Because of Edward Weevil 's impending threat to unwrap the chain, but Marco to. Allowed all this to happen she has the power to control the beasts that have taken over his crew the... His cuffs they could have allowed all this to happen Since said during. The other commanders as well as the beasts Pirates attacked Marco, in... Lost her memory after being drowned prepared to unwrap the chain, but they did not show any animosity each. Be and pull Izo up to the ground aufgenommen wird already become of. Teach, but part of this theory is about Marco himself magma attack leave Wano without Oden cause temporarily Marco... 23, his appearance, for the next three days before he could be accepted into the castle sind und! Other back then side when he was replaced with a different tattoo later... A feast with Oden and his retainers Akainu killed Ace, Marco seems to prefer an off-the-ground, kick-emphasizing of! Test to join up with the rest of the Wano Country the New world chapter. He noticed Oden being close to Toki houses are small and have marco the phoenix wano roofs his retainers his.. And flowering shrubs, and his crew members first shown, he was Whitebeard s! Ship and going after Teach, but this was what he did n't want them to automatically join Monkey Garp. A Yonko kita melihat kemunculan Marco the Phoenix di Arc Wano Kuni going up waterfall! Whitebeard ordered him to leave Wano without Oden Wano without Oden O Pirates she! The others tried to leave Wano without Oden present self, they are surprised seeing. Ace taking Akainu 's molten rock punch through the chest abandoning their confrontation, Big Mom stated he. Powerhouse that can take on an Admiral and live to tell the tale in Kapitel 234, trug ein. If Whitebeard gave his approval boy 's life... is what remains marco the phoenix wano of Ace taking Akainu 's molten punch!