PROVISIONAL DATA SUBJECT TO REVISION. The TRRP website follows the intent of the DOI disclaimer. 75° 42° 68° June. Graphs of values over time are zoomable! Click to hide station-specific text Available Parameters Period of Record; All 1 Available Parameters for this site : 00054 Reservoir storage(Obs.) or. Privacy 59° 35° 54° April. See more of North Trinity Lake, California on Facebook. Trinity Lake Report. Level is 2,281.07 feet. Available data for this site . Water is in several homes in the Deep River Plantation and Green Rich Shores subdivisions. Daily status and historical comparisons of Lake Level. The unpredictability of the weather makes these pre-releases too risky. Older versions of web browsers may have compatibility issues. above full pool of 0.00. WATER LEVEL. About See All. Thursday, January 21, 2021. 66° 37° 54° May. Warning: Javascript must be enabled to use all the features on this page! U.S. Geological Survey (2) Any water released when a lake is not above its conservation level counts against TRWD’s permitted water supply amount; taking away from water that is no longer able to be used by Tarrant County citizens. Trinity Lake 51%| 73% Lake Shasta 46%| 70% Lake Oroville 34%| 54% Folsom Lake 28%| 55% New Melones Lake 64%| 110% Don Pedro Reservoir 67%| 99% Lake McClure 36%| 77% San Luis Reservoir 50%| 66% Millerton Lake 33%| 54% Lake Perris 92% | 115% Castaic Lake 78% | 95% Pine Flat Reservoir 22% | 49%. FOIA Central Valley Operations (CVO) now provides a weekly report for the Trinity Journal on their website. Ramp construction is underway. Flows are minimal at this time. 1/17/21 - The latest rain as brought the lake up a tad to 2,281', down 89' from the spillway, still 51% full, but at 74% of average. The percent of average for the date has slipped due to the extended dry period, even with the latest rain events. Corresponding acre-feet to ramp bottom elevation: 2,378' (Highest elevation on record, 1/19/74) 2,588,335 af; 2,370' (Full lake) 2,447,700 af; 2,338' (Stuart Fork ramp) 1,957,780 af Then, 50 years ago, the Trinity River experienced a rebirth. Trinity Lake, previously called Clair Engle Lake, is an artificial lake on the Trinity River formed by the Trinity Dam and located in Trinity County, California, United States.The dam was built by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.The lake's capacity is 2,447,650 acre⋅ft (3,019.13 GL), making it one of the largest reservoirs in California. ABOUT NORTH TRINITY LAKE, CALIFORNIA. Create New Account. Trinity River Adaptive Management Working Group (TAMWG), Current Site: Dutch Creek (2020 Construction), Channel Rehabilitation Site: Chapman Ranch Phase B (Proposed 2021 Site). (3) Frequently, the expected rainfall does not actually fall or does not reach TRWD reservoirs. Lake levels can affect the best fishing locations and tactics, but it also has an impact on lake access, especially for boaters. Using Bureau's forecast for the lake level over the summer, Trinity Center ramp should remain in the water and usable all season. 5,007 people follow this. Policies and Notices, U.S. Department of the Interior | 4,851 people like this. The lake is not managed by the State of California. How Trinity Lake is Managed. Trinity Lake Water Level History » California Lakes » Trinity Lake Login | Home Forgot account? Starting with new low-level dams to regulate water flow, efforts to welcome the river back into resident’s daily lives included building more than 40 miles of trails, planting more than 8,000 trees and developing acres of new parks. 1960-11-23 : 2019-09-30: Output format Graph Graph w/ stats Graph w/ (up to 3) parms Table Tab-separated. I took a trip to trinity lake to see what was left of the lake this year. 84° 48° 75° July. For information on current trai The Trinity Lake region is where ... See More. … Trinity Lake, an artificial lake on the Trinity River formed by the Trinity Dam, is one of the largest reservoirs in California. Trinity Dam is an earthfill dam on the Trinity River located about 7 miles (11 km) northeast of Weaverville, California in the United States.The dam was completed in the early 1960s as part of the federal Central Valley Project to provide irrigation water to the arid San Joaquin Valley.. Water levels at Trinity lake are prone to much fluctuation, with low-water conditions especially common by late summer and early fall but possible in other seasons during prolonged drought conditions. Trinity Lake is encompassed by miles of tree-lined shores to explore and countless secluded coves, perfect for claiming as your own houseboat rental base camp. Please note: The graphics and data on this page may take some time to load. 4:00:00 AM. Trinity Lake; Temperatures for Trinity Lake; Temperatures. 38: Moderate flooding will begin along the river both above and below the Commerce Street bridge. Even though the dam blocks fish passage to the river, Trinity Lake is still home to a self-sustaining population of land-locked salmon. 2,281.07. Our Story. The California Department of Water Resources determined that last water year was a "normal" year, not a "wet" year. It seems like there wouldn't normally be many people there anyway since Trinity Lake is way out of the way (an hour and a half from I-5). URL: Zoom Level:16 Gauge Location ... Major lowland flooding begins with widespread flooding in Trinity and Walker Counties. Click on a point on the graph and drag right to select the zoom area. Trinity Lake, an artificial lake on the Trinity River formed by the Trinity Dam, is one of the largest reservoirs in California. 2420 2000 1000 2030 1000 1025 1000 1000 4552 4000 3000 2000 1000 1000 2448 2000 1000 . Although Trinity Lake and the Trinity River watershed include separate water bodies, with the exception of rainbow trout at two sites, mercury levels in fish species from the various water bodies were sufficiently similar to justify combining data from the different sites so that any advice could be unified in order to facilitate communication with the public. Lake water levels at California Boat Harbors, Marinas and Yacht Clubs. Title: USGS Surface-Water Daily Data for the Nation MONTH: AVG HIGH TEMP: AVG LOW TEMP: AVG WATER TEMP: Jan. 47° 31° 46° Feb. 53° 33° 46° March. As a result the river is sampled weekly for soil and water testing. People kayak and tube in a river they used to shun. Days (365) -- or -- Begin … Lake Livingston, an in-channel reservoir situated on the lower Trinity River, provides municipal water supply to Houston. 2,467 check-ins. Name Description Category Interval Format Start Date Report; DLYSWEQ: Daily Snow Water Equivalent report for North, Central and South Sierra regions. Since the Trinity River has very different water-quality characteristics than the current tributaries flowing into Lake Houston, it is likely that this new water delivered through LBIT will change chemical properties in Lake Houston, particularly specific conductance. Trinity Lake Water Reference Library. 2010 Water Year Was "Normal"!! (The "water year" ends September 30.) Anyway, we love the quiet and solitude, but I know it's not necessarily a good thing for our parks that not many people are camping in them! Water reaches the foundation of the Oxichem plant 6 miles south of Commerce St. 40: Major flooding will occur in Dallas along the river between the levee banks. Trinity River Basin Reservoirs: Monitored Water Supply Reservoirs are 98.5% full on 2021-01 … is managed by the U.S. Forest Service as a National Recreation Area. Page Last Modified: 2021-01-26 10:12:55 EST Back then the EPA created departments which would ensure that the Trinity would be fishable and swimmable before 2010. See current water gauge levels for the Trinity River. "The Trinity has a bad rap because in the 90s there was a ban due to the diazinon used in the area in the 70s/80s which contaminated the soil for 30 years. National Water Information System: Web Interface, Accessibility The lake is slipping down about 2 feet per month. Here is a few clips from a riding trip I just took to Trinity Lake. Community See All. Not Now. Discover the Trinity Alps and Trinity Lake in Northern California. Averages By Month. Trinity Lake water is managed by the Bureau of Reclamaintion while the lake usage (i.e., recreation, fishing, etc.) Our site was in Loop B, and thus a very short walk right to the lake where we did a fair bit of swimming. His new water well sits about 10 feet above the bottom of the Trinity Aquifer — 100 feet deeper than the original well. Trinity Lake Water Level. 0.58   0.55 vaww02. Colman said the groundwater level on his property dropped 42 feet in … Roads into several subdivisions in Walker and Trinity Counties and secondary roads along the river are inundated. But, in past years, the Trinity River has gotten extra water for the Ceremony Boat Dance in August and Late-summer Augmentation Releases. Welcome to Trinity Lake, one of Northern California's pristine boating destinations located within the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. SNOW Log In. The Trinity River, a hidden ribbon of natural wonder, runs almost unnoticed through one of the busiest and fastest-growing metropolitan areas in … Page Contact Information: California Water Data Support Team Current Restoration Flow Release Schedule. Click here for current conditions at Trinity Lake (inflow, outflow, reservoir storage, and lake level). Introducing The Next Generation of USGS Water Data for the Nation, Summary of all available data for this site, Instantaneous-data availability statement. See the new 2011 Water Year page. They actually surpassed that by 2001. USGS 11525400 TRINITY LAKE NR LEWISTON CA. Lake Levels. Follow @USGS_TexasFlood and @USGS_TexasRain on Twitter to get current water level and precipitation data during flooding or severe rainfall events. Feet MSL. The dam was built by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation in 1960 to capture and store water for the Central Valley Project, which provides the Central Valley with water for irrigation and produces hydroelectric power.

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