Vanuatu France Virgin Islands (U.S.) South African Rand Ultra Light Weight Chrome Molly Steel Flywheels TODA original design, race proven With developing flywheels for TODA Race programs, we have come to understand the most desirable char We work swiftly but in the event of an issue we may have to levy the fitting charge based on the time taken to rectify any unforeseen circumstances. TTV Racing Lightweight Flywheel for the MK6 Fiesta ST150 Uses Std Clutch fitment Barbadian Dollar Lets me rev match, toe-heel, and double clutch much faster. Swaziland Tokelau Algeria Gibraltar Guam Iran (Islamic Republic of) Kuwaiti Dinar French Southern Territories Haiti Fiesta ST TTV Lightweight Flywheel £ 309.95. This was discussed in detail not long ago. Pumaspeed have a specialist trade distribution team that service many of the Motor trade specialists throughout the UK, the EU and the Rest of the World. Ferrari F430 (Integral pulse trigger) Fiat Uno GT Turbo Lite. WF2 0AJ South Georgia and South Sandwich British Indian Ocean Territory For an appointment please click here. Czech Republic Gabon Togo Paraguayan Guaraní Vatican City State (Holy See) Croatia Canada Danish Krone Israel Click to write the first review. Guinea-bissau Bangladesh Duratec clutch/flywheel setup My brother has just bought a 2.0 Duratec to put in his R6 and need a little info on flywheel clutch combo`s available to him using a type 9. This thread was discussed there just a couple weeks ago. Panamanian Balboa And instead of trying to source a 2nd unit to machine and lightened i am looking at lightweight aftermarket ones. Self Lubricating. Eritrea Antarctica Ever since his parents bought a shiny new ST150 when he was 15, Chris has had a bit of a thing for them – and as you can see by the example spread before you here, this obsession has risen to fever pitch. Hong Kong Dollar Equatorial Guinea Bahraini Dinar Puerto Rico Uruguayan Peso Finland United States Minor Outlying Islands Engine - Used Engines £0.00 (inc. VAT) Engine Stock at Pumaspeed. Netherlands Antilles You’ve got the power—put it to the pavement with help from the right flywheel. They are designed for light to moderately tuned racing cars for drag racing, autocross and rally events, as well as street usage. Saudi Arabia Macedonia Thai Baht He is probably going to run a std engine for now with 45`s so if he is lucky then around 180 bhp. While it doesn't really affect acceleration that much, it DOES increase engine response to throttle blips. Egyptian Pound Christmas Island Please be aware that on rare occasions problems can occur that are out of our control; such as seized or snapped bolts due to age or wear. Malaysia Russian Federation Iceland Im ordering a bunch of stuff for my new engine setup/build and want some help. We have an expanding portfolio of new brands and products combined with the experience and ability to provide what you need. St. Helena Papua New Guinea New from TTV Racing 5.5″ (140mm Race clutches)/ Part of our special clutch range/ Available in Single, Twin & Tripple plate options/ Hand made to order in our UK Factory.  (8 Sold), This New Design Lightweight Racing Flywheel for the ST150 will save near 6kg in the rotating mass of the engine Benin United States Malaysian Ringgit Montserrat Jenkins/Fidanza: Although a lightweight aluminum flywheel in certain instances is sufficient, enthusiasts may need a flywheel with more mass, or even one that has less mass than a standard aluminum lightweight flywheel. Costa Rica Martinique Page. Djibouti Argentina Flywheel Tools; Suspension Tools; Trail Tools; Work Shop Tools; SALE; Account . Turkish Lira VAG, Golf 6GTi 200 &210bhp, Octavia 2 1.8TSi and RS, Leon 2 (1p1) Audi A3 8P 200bhp 230mm Single E: Trinidad and Tobago Anembo Engineering is a business from a precision engineering background specialising in cosworth parts,motorsport & performance CNC machining.We offer full CAD/CAM facilities.cosworth rs,sierra cosworth rs, escort cosworth rs,cosworth wrc,cosworth group A,focus rs mk2,focus st mk2,best performing focus rs plenum,cnc machined billet plenum,anembo plenum,cosworth billet alternator … Monaco Xtreme Clutch Ford Fiesta XR4/ST150 Range The Ford Fiesta XR4/ST150 was introduced in 2007 as a performance version of the standard Fiesta model. Kazakhstan Cyprus, North Iraq Mauritania Spain Cape Verde Full Face organic drive plate for everyday use. Chilean Peso Tunisian Dinar Saint Kitts and Nevis Lightening the flywheel cannot result in increased steady state horsepower as measured by a dyno. Most lightweight flywheels can be … Namibian Dollar Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Flywheel. Keep up to date with new parts, check out our latest photos and view our upcoming events and track days we . Saint Lucia Qatari Riyal On the other hand, the car pulls noticably harder in the lower gears. Polish Zloty Guyana Grenada We estimate the labour time to be approximately 5.50 hour(s) costing £462.00 inc VAT. Kiribati Syrian Arab Republic Gambia Norway Lao People's Democratic Republic Belize Greenland Uzbekistan This previous question explains what a flywheel does and why it is needed. ST150 Superlight Singlemass Flywheel. facebook IKEngineering Uruguay Saudi Riyal The flywheel can be machined to take 8 1/2” and 7 1/4” clutch sizes. Fijian Dollar Viet Nam Belgium Kenyan Shilling From a simple email tune file to a huge shipment of Milltek Sport Exhaust Systems. Lao Kip Fiesta ST MK6 TTV Racing Lightweight Flywheel Description: Fiesta ST150 Supalite Design: Supalite - For Standard Clutch Weight: 2.8 (Kg) Part No. Nicaragua Please don�t hesitate to contact us on the phone number above or click here to email. Micronesia, Federated States of Korea, Republic of Talbot Sunbeam 1600 . Luxembourg A Full Racing Lightweight Flywheel machined from a single billet of Steel to give you the racing feel and quick revving that all true race engines, it takes the Original Ford clutch and will make the engine rev much quicker through the gears. Lithuania US Dollar Plus we’ve got budget-friendly … Item is exchange, we will need your std ST150 solid flywheel before item leaves. Additional information. Maldives Serbian Dinar Romania Anembo Engineering is a business from a precision engineering background specialising in cosworth parts,motorsport & performance CNC machining.We offer full CAD/CAM facilities.cosworth rs,sierra cosworth rs, escort cosworth rs,cosworth wrc,cosworth group A,focus rs mk2,focus st mk2,best performing focus rs plenum,cnc machined billet plenum,anembo plenum,cosworth billet alternator … Netherlands This new universal unit allows you to adjust the bite point on your hydraulic clutch to keep an optimum position against clutch wear or if you are using a motorsport clutch which commonly release quicker than OEM style clutches. Chinese Yuan Please select the delivery country from the drop down list below to see the express delivery charge and set your shopping cart to the correct VAT rate. Therefore making parts and labour a total cost £ 888.00 (inc. VAT).. Macau Nauru Taiwanese Dollar Zambia Lebanon Morocco No Reviews Yet Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Therefore making parts and labour a total cost £ 1,066.00 (inc. VAT).. Improves acceleration slighty, BUT with narrow-powerbanded engines the revs may drop below the powerband unless a close-ratio transmission is used" (stage 3) "A super-light flywheel makes for a quick-reving engine that also drops revs quickly. Aluminium Engine and Auxiliary Pulleys, Underdrive Design Saves Power, Reduced Belt Speed, Custom Designed To Suit Your Needs, Hard Anodizing Option For Extra Durability. Liberia Samoa The Pumaspeed Workshop team are ready to fit the ST150 Lightweight Racing Flywheel - Single Mass in our Head Office located here.. We estimate the labour time to be approximately 5.50 hour(s) costing £462.00 inc VAT. Home ; Flywheel Weights ; KTM Flywheels; KTM Flywheels. Turkmenistan T: 01924 360 260 French Polynesia Philippine Peso Peru Omani Rial Central African CFA franc Poland Bosnia and Herzegowina Panama I like the lightweight flywheel because the response and pickup in lower RPMs is better, but it DOES hurt your launch. New Caledonia Cambodian Riel Lightweight Flywheel. Ford Fiesta ST150 Duratec Lightweight flywheel for competition or fast road, available standard clutch Malagasy Ariary : 1411 Afghanistan UK: Isle of Wight Pakistani Rupee Dont sacrifice your acceleration due to a heavy flywheel. It's also harder to launch and I noticed that it is harder to build boost in 1st gear from a roll. Perfect for heavily tuned cars that are daily driven. Myanmar Bhutan Central African Republic Oman El Salvador Note: The fitting cost quoted is an estimate based on our Ford tuning experience. TTV Industrial have received funding support to grow our business. Estonia Excellent concentricity. Weight reduced to approx 3.1kg. Diagnostic Tools £19.00 (inc. VAT) Forscan Diagnostic ELM327 Cable. The Pumaspeed Workshop team are ready to fit the ST150 Lightweight Racing Flywheel - Single Mass in our Head Office located here. Lesotho Indonesian Rupiah Denmark Tonga TODA flywheels are produced from 100% chrome-moly steel, not aluminum. Capable of managing a 45-50% increase in torque whilst maintaining a normal engagement feel . Ford Duratec 1.8 2L ST150 lightended std flywheel. The Pumaspeed Workshop team are ready to fit the Fiesta ST180 Lightweight Racing Flywheel - Single Mass in our Head Office located here.. We estimate the labour time to be approximately 5.50 hour(s) costing £462.00 inc VAT. Guatemalan Quetzal Seychelles Hi Guys. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya The Duratec-R lightweight flywheel is machined from EN24T steel, machined with an integral cut-in ring gear, heat treated and parker lubed. Brazilian Real Weight: 4 kg: Related products. South Africa Sierra Leone Jamaica The grants have helped us bring forward our growth plans and helped with the introduction of specialist machine tools to boost both volume and the quality of our products. Zaire Xtreme Clutch has developed a range of upgrades for the vehicle including street upgrades that UK: Highlands and Islands Philippines Home » Make & Model » Ford » MK6 Fiesta ST150 ... 3J NXG LSD for IB5 Gearbox £ 738.00. TTV Ford Duratec ST150 Flywheel (Supalite) Subscribe to SCC. TODA Racing lightweight flywheels increase throttle response and aide in overall vehicle performance. These are all CNC machined for accuracy. Niger by . TTV Industrial have received funding support to grow our business. East Timor Indian Rupee 184, 215 & 230mm Hi Torque Clutch Nice Light Clutch Release Loads Available in Single and Twin Plate Hand made to order in our UK Factory. Macedonian Denar Mozambique Ferrari F430 Supalite 140mm Race. Ford Duratec (origin 2007 Fiesta ST150) Capacity - 2.0L (1999 CC) Engine Code - N4JB; Cylinder head - 'hi port' version; Stripped, cleaned and reconditioned (new piston rings, big end/main bearings and gaskets/seals) Balanced crankshaft/flywheel and clutch cover assembly; Suzuki GSXR1000 ITBs (K1) mounted 'direct to head' Single Mass design eliminates the problematic moving parts. Indonesia Bulgarian Lev Set Descending Direction. Colombia Austria Cuba Tuvalu Bermuda Azerbaijan Faroe Islands Albania With a lightweight flywheel it's easier to stall the car out. Nigerian Naira Add to cart. Euro Burundi From the BMW Digest. Australia Singapore Dollar Uganda Ecuador Peru Nuevo Sol Zimbabwe Big maintenance coming up - LSD Install, clutch, flywheel, clutch slave, axles. Bouvet Island United Arab Emirates Dirham Malawi Kuwait Italy Im looking to buy a new flywheel (dont currently have one). Croatian Kuna Greece Cote D'Ivoire Aruban Florin Niue French Guiana Slovenia Romanian Leu Venezuelan Bolivar Czech Koruna Wallis and Futuna Islands Moldovan Leu Latvian Lats UK: Mainland Swiss Franc Egypt Seychellois Rupee Icelandic Krona Bolivia Cyprus, South F: 01924 360 002 Jordan Ukraine Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark Western Sahara Virgin Islands (British) Ugandan Shilling Kenya Uses original clutch Fitment . East Caribbean Dollar Sri Lankan Rupee 16.8 lbsTypically used with 10-1/2" Ram solid hub clutch disc 605-351 and pressure plate 605-401Will also work with a Ram 605-301M sprung hub or 605-1021 6-pad clutch disc Item Details16.8 lbs Brunei Darussalam Tel 01473 730996. The Growing Business Fund have helped us bring forward our growth plans and helped with the introduction of specialist machine tools to boost both volume and the quality of our products. Ghana Sudan Cambodia These are very light at 3279g, same diameter as the ST150 Fiesta flywheel. Qatar New Zealand Dollar  Currency Anguilla Sort By. The Pumaspeed Team can service and maintain your vehicle. Choose steel, billet steel, or forged steel for superior strength or select a lightweight aluminum or billet aluminum flywheel for your high-revving application. My Location  Duratec lightweight flywheel - Caterham I have a Caterham lightweight flywheel for the 4cyl Duratec engine. Pumaspeed Xmas Sale Search 'SALE2020' for the biggest and best sale we've ever had! Ghana Cedi Northern Ireland Suriname Bolivian Boliviano "A Lightweight flywheel lets the engine rev more quickly. Chile Please contact us if you cannot find what you need as not all our products are currently displayed on this site. Spain: Canaries Colombian Peso Wakefield Bulgaria UK: Isle of Man Guatemala To post a review to our Facebook page, please click the Facebook Log In button above. It can also […]. Congo Mongolia Channel Islands Kyrgyzstan Hungarian Forint Lightweight Flywheels. Nepal Worldwide Express Delivery Buy Online or Call 01924 360 260; Snap Finance is here! Gambian Dalasi Dominican Republic Yes we ship world wide. The first is from a good, experienced driver with a CSP '95 M3. It’s fair to say that the fabled Green Hell holds a special place in his affections, as indeed do Mk6 Fiestas. American Samoa Mali Fiesta ST performance tuning parts are expertly engineered by mountune for maximum performance. ST150 Lightweight Racing Flywheel - Single Mass. Cameroon Moroccan Dirham Syrian Pound New Zealand Sweden Fully Fitted: £1,066.00 SUMMIT Focus Mk2 RS & ST Lower front middle 4 point chassis to subframe brace ... Aston Martin V8 to V12 Clutch Lightweight Flywheel. And a lightweight flywheel should … Nigeria Antigua and Barbuda Latvia mountune was founded in 1980 specializing in motorsport engines & our reputation quickly grew for performance engineering … Paraguay Lebanese Pound TTV has been precision engineering for over 30 years, designing and manufacturing automotive parts for original equipment & motorsport, club racer to world championship. Ford ST150 4kg Central Mass (Homologated) Peugeot 208 308 RCZ 508 3008 5008 6Spd THP 156 + 200. Tunisia Pitcairn Bermudian Dollar Saint Vincent and the Grenadines This accepts the std 220mm FWD clutch. Rwanda Belarus However, an "upgrade" for many cars (when looking at performance enhancements) is a "lightweight" flywheel. Includes CG Motorsport Solid Mass Flywheel . Check out our Fiesta ST performance auto parts. Japanese Yen United Arab Emirates That explanation means that the flywheel needs a certain amount of mass to do its job. In addition to the standard lightweight flywheel, a milled ultra-lightweight item is also available. Germany Am I missing anything/what else should I have done while in there?? Tanzania, United Republic of Aruba Liechtenstein Israeli Sheqel Ukraine Hryvnia Maldivian Rufiyaa Burkina Faso Mexico They are made from solid … Sao Tome and Principe Bangladeshi Taka View as Grid List. Bahrain Dominica Northern Mariana Islands Brazil TTV Racing Lightweight Flywheel for the MK6 Fiesta ST150. Items 1-15 of 32. Norfolk Island The ST150 Lightweight Racing Flywheel - Single Mass product has been listed by Pumaspeed as fitting the following vehicles: 178 Batley Road The best launch I've been able to pull (maybe I just suck at it) is a 1.8 60 ft, even with my 6-puck clutch, because it either spins tires hard or bogs, there's not much of an in-between. (inc. VAT), Order quantity Honduras Email Eire Therefore making parts and labour a total cost £1,066.00 (inc. VAT). Pakistan Norwegian Krone Finally type your review in the box provided below and click the Post Review button. Argentine Peso Mexican Peso Sri Lanka Ethiopia South Korean Won Senegal Turks and Caicos Islands Fiesta ST180 Superlight Singlemass Flywheel. I'm using an ACT Prolite. Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Georgia Register. Australian Dollar Tajikistan Moldova, Republic of Thailand Finance paym Swedish Krona You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page Next; Show per page. Mauritian Rupee Chad China Heard and Mc Donald Islands San Marino CNC Machined, Forged Chrome Moly Steel, Dynamically Balanced, Integral Ring Gear Custom Made To Suit Your Application, TTVR Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Travel Adjuster Hard anodized finish with high quality fittings as shown. Join our Newsletter for offers and events. Guinea Next type your Email or Phone and associated Username into the popup login panel and click the Log In button to sign into Facebook. The Stock unit weighs 9.4kg the new unit weights in at a very tidy 2.8kg. Alverthorpe Canadian Dollar Jamaican Dollar Suitable for Road, Rally, Autograss, race engine. Mauritius Marshall Islands Hong Kong Barbados EXEDY Lightweight Flywheels combine low weight, low inertia and high thermal capacity. Great British Pound Namibia India Fiji Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands TTV Industrial ltd is a family run business located in the East of England. Jordanian Dinar Reunion Malta Madagascar Armenia Pumaspeed have a specialist distribution team that can dispatch the ST150 Lightweight Racing Flywheel - Single Mass to any destination worldwide. Hungary Russian Rouble Andorra Solomon Islands Nepalese Rupee Turkey Bahamian Dollar CG Motorsport's Most Popular Clutch & Flywheel Kit . Cocos (Keeling) Islands STI Lightweight flywheel: Speedsnake74: Drivetrain: 8: 06-11-2009 08:50 PM: sti lightweight flywheel: evo 3ater: Private 'Wanted' Classifieds: 6: 01-25-2008 02:28 AM: STI Lightweight Flywheel (5MT)*WRX '02-'05: Bsting: Drivetrain: 1: 06-02-2007 09:18 PM: Just installed STi JDM/SPT STi 7.7mm Heavy-Duty Clutch Kit & lightweight Flywheel! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Lithuanian Litas Fantastic Quaility 7kg lighter than Stock. Palau Bahamas Singapore Part Fitting Services. Vietnamese Dong Botswana To register your interest as a company click here. Japan Switzerland Cook Islands Taiwan Add to cart. Venezuela Follow us. Somalia For 1955-1985 internally balanced 153 tooth small block Chevy applications. West African CFA franc Comoros Guadeloupe Angola Good heat dissipation & shock absorption. Mayotte I have a Fidanza lightweight flywheel in my car, going on 30,000 miles. Cayman Islands Delivering 110KW, this vehicle is commonly upgraded with aftermarket components for improved performance. Portugal Highest quality materials.

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