Not ADDING to my pantry! Since it seems that yeast and baking is truly a local thing, the day’s humidity and pressure all contribute how the dough will turn out. Punch down the dough, knead it for 1 minute and divide it in half. Apr 1, 2015 - This light-colored, light-textured loaf is ideal for sandwiches. I’ve seen some recipes with 1-2 teaspoons of pickle juice for extra tang? It was something we bought fairly often when lunch meat was served. Taste wonderful but didn’t raise. I’m using a nonstick baking pan and  the rye flour/cornmeal on the pan but they stick trrribly I think from the water baths makes them stick like glue. This website says (again can not promise it will work) that you can substitute a bread flour and vital wheat gluten mix for first clear flour in a ration of 97% Bread flour to 3% VWG to create a 14.5% protein mix. (Will the bread still be good without those two ingredients?). I was on the edge of my seat – too bad you guys didn’t come out with the win, but still a great game. , then toss in the bread. I made it to day 3 and had a good initial rise of Stage 3, but after 3 hours, the starter collapsed. I have, unfortunately, not been able to get to Pgh in at least 20 yrs. I threw out my first attempt because I never saw any sign of bubbles or fermentation. Hi, Slide the bread out and, with a skewer, make 10 to 12 holes all around the crust of each loaf, then return the bread to the oven. It also sounds perfect for St. Patricks Day in a few weeks. The dough should have some elasticity and resist being stretched. Sandwich breads are produced in many varieties, such as white, whole wheat, sourdough, rye, multigrain and others. This is a recipe for probably the most famous type of bread in Denmark. I had the darnedest time until I broke down and bought a sack of it from Stover Baking supply in Cheswick. This last time I sprayed with PAM sprinkled the flour/cornmeal and that kept my nonstick pan from sticking the other aluminum baking sheet with just the sprinkling of cornmeal as the recipe says. Hi Steve, Giant Eagle sells the five pound bags of KAF all-purpose, bread and white whole wheat. Based on Rose Levy Beranbaum’s recipe, this bread will compliment any savory sandwich from well stacked pastrami to a simple topping of butter and radishes. I’l keep trying. The flavor of this bread is great but I’m having trouble with the bread sticking very badly to the pan. Good or bad idea? Good bread is always key to a good sandwich, and here we’re going to share with you one humdinger of a good bread recipe for a lightly seeded rye loaf. Thanks again! Since I had never made rye bread before, I looked to a lot of resources online to get an idea for how to approach it and what kind of rye bread would work best for my family. Hi Michelle. I’ve bought some stuff from that place in Cheswick – they have quite a bit! Is the best! When I visit it’s mandatory Iake a trip to Squirrel Hill for a “real” corned beef on rye. Devastating! It is a wonderful resource. Brush the loaves with water. I think your oven was not hot enough. In reviewing this recipe, it calls for 1 1/2 TABLESPOONS of Instand Dry Yeast. This is my second attempt. Thank you for your reply. No bubbling unless I stir the mixture a bit. Where’d you find King Arthur first clear in the burgh? I also used fresh ground sea salt instead of regular table salt. Also I pieced holes in the top after 5 minutes of steaming but still had some seams open up. I’m wondering can you make a video on this, slowing waking through the steps after the rise? For years she’d heard me rhapsodize about the rye bread of my youth, and now, after decades of privation, I had before me the genuine article: a sandwich on Gottlieb’s rye… Sandwich bread loaf . True FCF is best but this might be a workable substitute. That’s the technique used when making Italian and French breads, which have characteristic hard crusts. The bread will keep for up to 1 week wrapped in plastic wrap, and also freezes well. Finally – SUCCESS! I’ll have to wait until King Arthur gets the light rye back in stock…. The book recommends using white rye flour, which I also purchased from. Waiting two days for your starter to develop isn't always an option. Also seeking a recipe for Salt Sticks. Homemade rye sourdough bread is a glorious choice for sandwiches, or eating on its own. Oven-Fried Onion Rings with Dipping Sauce,, First clear flour is a high-protein, high-mineral wheat flour that is used by many bakeries for signature Jewish-style rye bread. Use a bowl scraper or dough cutter in one hand to help knead the soft, wet dough. Thanks for the great information. The bread I remembered eating when I lived in Pgh was darker (inside & out) and had a shiny top (perhaps an egg wash?) So next time I’ll change the salt to equal 16 grams. I glady eat either but am partial to cole slaw made with Marzetti’s cole slaw dressing. I'm Michelle and I believe anyone can learn to confidently make recipes worthy of celebration. The amount of flour will vary depending on how stiff you made the rye sour starter. Is that correct? It soaks up water like a sponge and has a putty gray appearance…. I’m not sure how well bread flour would work in place of the rye. Wet a clean work surface with water. It looks absolutely perfect. I usually use 8 grams of salt per average loaf of bread. (I made a single loaf). Flavor 10!, rise 3 disappointing any suggestions? I checked that the bread was 205-210f to be sure it was done. IF (lol) the starter turns out well I’m going to France this weekend to try and find a German 1050 flour or a French 110 that is supposed to be similar but in 4 years I have never seen cornmeal at the Carrefour in France or in the Coop or Migros in Geneva.

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