Your 6.5 kts sounds quite reasonable if the boat was heeled a bit. There's no weight savings in getting a 4 or 5 over a 6. Having owned a 22 with a swing keel I can echo most of the above statements in regard to it being a good first boat. The Catalina 22 MarkII was introduced in 1995 as a major redesign of the Catalina 22, the defacto standard of the mid-size trailer sailor class manufactured by Catalina Yachts since 1969. Going from 6 to 8 is a relatively big jump up in weight for not much more power. Cockpit seat cushions, lifelines, shorepower and cord. i searched for months for the "right" boat in that 22-24' range. It doesn’t break any rules to go faster than hull speed. 4 winches, All lines lead to cockpit, white hull, light grey decks. September 1980-Catalina 22 hull number 10,000 is completed. The Catalina 22 has a 19 foot waterline, leading to an estimated hull speed of 5.8 knots 1986 Catalina 22 Classic Catalina 22 with swing (retractable) keel and single axle trailer with new tires and a spare. cat22 vs compac rob, funny u should ask that. Original main, Jib and 150 Jib. "Rowing shells seem to be able to exceed the theoretical limit" Extremely narrow hulls don't follow conventional hull speed formulas. None of them will get you substantially over hull speed. great lines, bow sprit, very classic. A larger engine will not increase hull speed and may add additional unnecessary weight in the stern. Built thru 2010, the MkII design makes for a larger, more comfortable cockpit and cabin which also features a lifting pop-top and sliding companionway hatch. I won a race in a Regionals once by recognizing the situation and ran away from the fleet. A Catalina 22 is capable of planing in its normal form, if only a bit above its "hull speed". Only used in fresh water lakes/rivers. i always liked catalinas but was afraid of the swing keel based on a friends bad experience on his 25. then i saw a compac 23-2, wow what a beautiful boat. Hence a slightly higher hull speed will be possible. So far, hull speed is this impenetrable limit, like the speed of light. Mine was a swing keel which made it great for inland lake sailing, trailering it was a breeze with a 1/2 ton pickup, it was easy to rig and sail singlehanded, the pop top made overnighting more comfortable, the multitude of sights devoted to them made maintenance issues a … Catalina Yachts aims to encourage more family racing with the thousands of first generation 22s by offering an alternative to finding an older boat, and restoring it just to be competitive in the dozens of established Catalina 22 fleets. But physicists already imagined theoretical ways to get around lightspeed. Similarly, the 8 is the same block as the 9.8, and they weigh the same. Most owners will never experience this if they are not familiar with the conditions under which it is possible. Page 26 Catalina 22 Owner's Manual for 1987 Page 26 of 35 4.5 Auxiliary Power 4.5.1 Recommended Outboard Engine An outboard engine of 4 to 6 horsepower should be adequate to propel the Catalina 22 at hull speed under usual conditions. i almost purchased it,but the owner hadnt maintained it well. February 1980-SAIL Magazine names the Catalina 22 “trailerable boat of the decade.” March 1980-The Catalina 38 is selected as the match-racing boat for Congressional Cup by the Long Beach Yacht Club; Dennis Durgan wins. A rough estimate of hull speed in knots is 1.34 times the square root of the length at the waterline in feet. Hence the greater boatspeed available in catamarans, trimarans and racing shells. And this story has a few good parts that let us get around the hull speed limit.

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