:( Links for more info. Bring them back. one vanilla, one cinnamon. bring em back PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When it shall be said in any country in the world, my carnation instant breakfast bars recipe are happy; neither ignorance nor carnation instant breakfast bars recipe is to be found among them; my jails are empty of prisoners, my streets of beggars; the aged I had to found a new one. Combine dry ingredients. https://www.epicurious.com › recipes › food › views › carnation-lemon-bars How many folks does it take?? https://www.pinterest.com › Noopy4 › carnation-breakfast-bars What Happened To Carnation Breakfast Bars. I wish General Mills would bring them back!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEEZE...we are begging you!!! That was a memory I had been thinking about for a long time. They had such a unique taste, my mom and I loved them!! I couldn't tell you which ones I liked the best they were all so tasty. MyRecipes.com is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. For an easy supper that you can depend on, we picked out some of our tried-and-true favorites that have gotten us through even the busiest of days. There were times I skipped breakfast in the cafeteria and wanted something I could eat in my room. I only remember the chocolate brownie bottom and I believe a chocolate type frosting but they were the best! Very tasty!! Let me tell you: There were few things more satisfying than a Carnation Breakfast Bar and a tall glass of ice-cold milk. I found a recipe for Original Breakfast Bars ... try it out, let me know what you think! and then one sad day they disappeared. bring them---------bring them back--------- bring them back-------bring them back. Easy. The dense dryness and the smooth, thin layer of icing on top...mmm. Who is with me on trying to copy the recipe and making our own millions??? Maybe if she and other moms who weren't so stingy with their kids' treats had just given in to our demands, these tasty, cakey, squares of joy would still be available. Wish they were around for my high school age kid - who never eats breakfast. Wow! Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. I can never forget them ... my “heaven” has those in the kitchen and a huge glass of milk to go with!!! Pour into prepared baking pan. I wish we could all petition Carnation to make them again! They were more like Whatchamacallit bars with vitamins sprayed on: oats, chopped nuts, and perhaps some puffed rice (and chocolate chips in the chocolate chip flavor), bound together with a touch of corn syrup and surrounded by chocolate. Carnation ® Spring Vegetable Medley. Bring 'em back! and they could make healthier I would think adding stevia or other natural sugars that have come out since the 70's They remind me of an Extra thick pop-tart in a square instead of rectangle;). White Chocolate Cranberry and Pistachio Fudge. Squares kicked ass!!! //2007-06-05: inthe70s Favorite cereal flavors are coming to the Carnation Breakfast Essentials line-up. And like many others here I crave them every time I look at the current breakfast bars - Yuck - I hate granola. I loved that they weren't overly sweet and they had an odd sawdusty kind of texture, but holy cow I want them and I NEED them. Like so many others, I want them back. lol. I'm right there with all of you! Rate this Carnation Breakfast Bars Copycat Recipe with 1 cup spanish peanut, peeled and crushed to a near powder, 1 cup rolled toasted oats, 1 cup rice krispies, 1/2 cup miniature chocolate chip, 1/3 cup light karo syrup, 36 oz milk chocolate I remember these fondly. Combine flour, oats, 1/2 cup brown sugar and butter in small mixer bowl. It's a taste you just don't forget. Original Carnation Breakfast Bars Recipe. Are you listening, Carnation?!! Your comments are valuable to us, as it helps us to improve our products and services. *Average percentage of individuals (ages 4 -18) with usual dietary intake below the EAR (Estimated Average Requirement) or AI (Adequate Intake): Vitamin D 90%, Potassium 90%, Choline 90%, Vitamin E 85%, Vitamin K 70%, Calcium 50%. I LOVED these so much that I gave in to google! Amazing! I LOVED ALL of the flavors! But i have found something recently that is really as close as i think we'll ever get to that exquisite taste. Sunvalgifts At Gmail. I can still taste the chocolate ones. I just want to say I am SO glad I am not alone in my obsession with the Chocolate Breakfast Squares!!! I would buy them if they ever brought them back. In the meantime, Nestlé continues to respond with mealy-mouthed letters like this, reprinted on the Facebook page: “Thank you for your inquiry regarding the availability of CARNATION® BREAKFAST® Bars. I am so glad someone started that Facebook petition to bring them back!!! The first bite sent me reeling from the similarities. https://www.quakeroats.com/cooking-and-recipes/breakfast-bars I loved them as well & wish they would come back!! https://mistertoast.blogspot.com › 2006 › 01 › carnation-breakfast-bars.html There’s a Facebook page devoted to them. I signed the petition too. Carnation Breakfast Bars. YUP, ONE HALF IN THE MORNING BEFORE SCHOOL AND THE OTHER HALF DURING LUNCH. I remember one year my mother allowed me to use my Christmas money to buy a box and I ate the whole box in one day. Find a recipe . 5 min. . Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes . Breakfast Bars From The 70s . and lay on the couch, watching the lights blink in the light of early dawn and enjoy my breakfast before having to get dressed and ready for school. my poor wife has never gotten to experience the greatest breakfast bar the word has ever known. I was about 8 years old and I would sometimes eat 3 bars at once. Page Transparency See More. 1 Cup Spanish Peanuts (Peeled and Crushed to a near powder) 1 Cup Rolled Toasted Oats (I had to use Granola for lack of toasted oats) 1 Cup Rice crispies ½ Cup Miniature chocolate chips 1/3 Cup Light Karo Syrup. I don't remember any type of filling. If they are not going to, I hope they would part with the recipe. Carnation Breakfast Bars 1970s . They were so yummy, delicious!!! At Nestlé, we are dedicated to you and your family throughout every phase of your lives. The following are comments left about Carnation Breakfast Squares from site visitors such as yourself. Carnation Breakfast Bars 1 Cup peanuts 1 cup rolled oats 1 cup rice crispies 1/2 cup minature choclate chips 1/3 cup Light Corn Syrup 24-36 oz Milk chocolate Crush peanuts to a near powder. Companies are always looking for that next big product...Hello? 2. To die for. So many things made the 1979s great....these were one of them! It would probably be dangerous if they brought them back now, I would buy a ton of them!! MAKE RECIPE. They were the best! How I want to go back to the days before corn syrup alas :(. I can still remember the taste and NOTHING has ever been like it! Oh, how I miss them!! Sawdusty and sweet! I e-mailed the company, and got some stupid response about the bars. OK, I took a chance doing a search for one of my favorite childhood foods thinking that I wouldn't find anything and maybe I imagined them, but low and behold, not only did I find that they did exist but that I'm not alone who loved these. And then, sometime in the early ’90s, the original version vanished. BRING BACK OUR BREAKFAST SQUARES!!!!! B squares! 6. I am so glad to see so many others loving these treats! Lol. SOME IN MARKETING SHOULD JUMP ON THIS WOULD BE A $BILLION PROFIT IN 2YRS. Please, Carnation, bring them back...they'd be a hit again! Without the need for a spoon or a bowl, that tasty flavor of cereal milk has come to a more convenient form. A can of sweetened condensed milk is a wonderful thing to have. I sure don't see how General Mills can say the Breakfast Squares didn't do well!! I feel bad for him. So sad! Combine bread cubes, cheese and sausage mixture in a large bowl. 1960s Recipes from Carnation Evaporated Milk ~ Vintage ... Posted: (6 days ago) That’s my opinion. I don't know why they ever stopped making them. I ate them everyday before school. 3 delicious flavours: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. These Bfast squares would sure taste a whole lot better than the crap they have out there now! So what if there were not the most healthy food in the world. Ok, here is the next idea. Create New Account. If we wait on Carnation or Nestle's or whoever made it, then we may die by then. They were kind of dry but tasty. Thought I was alone because none of my friends even remember them. Please someone find it. i used to eat them in high school they have this texture and weren't real sweet but more chewy, don't know what was in them but nothing like them today and the vanilla, butterscotch and chocolate loved it. So I didn't imagine them! I had 29 days working, it took 30 to join the union. YES!!! Contact Bring Back Original Carnation Breakfast Bars on Messenger. google_ad_type = "text_image"; This was my favorite breakfast food from my childhood. They were sooooooo awesome! Convenient, nutritious, and delicious! A delicious dry type of brownie. Make and share this Carnation Breakfast Bars Copycat Recipe recipe from Food.com. Step 4. I still have cravings for them. Yes, Saturday morning cartoons with my chocolate Breakfast Squares. And you could eat them for a snack also. Pip was sort of a teen idol among Chicagoans. I cannot believe how long it has been since I have had these Carnation Breakfast Squares but I still think about them and want them back! MAKE RECIPE. THEY CAME IN THAT GREAT WRAPPER THAT WOULD KEEP THE OTHER HALF FOR LATER. Too bad us consumers can't always have what we want. I recall there being 4 flavors, two varities of chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon. I KNOW THEY WOULD SELL! There wasn't anything else like it on the market back in the 70s. They responded with a coupon for another one of their instant-breakfast products, probably that awful drink mix. 9,215 people follow this. FREE Shipping by Amazon . Bake for 15 minutes. I have been unable to find it online and was just wondering if anyone remember then and if they know of a store or website that sells them or at least a recipe so that she can make them. BREAKFAST SQUARES WERE THE BEST OF THE BEST TILL THIS DAY. Wonder what happened with this product? Until finding this site, I didn't even know what they where called. Find Carnation Breakfast … All I can get is a ordinary brownie. I mean, really. Whether you're cooking for yourself or for a family, these easy dinners are sure to leave everyone satisfied and stress-free. Apple Breakfast Bar, ingredients: 1/2 c. whole wheat flour, 1/2 c. Blackberry Fig Breakfast Bar Recipe (And Fig Puree') 1771 views . My mother bought Breakfast Squares for her break time at work. Chocolate Malt was my favorite! Only an idiot would discontinue such a product!!! Place juice, peaches, banana, yogurt and Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Drink Mix in blender. Melt milk chocolate and spread over … I LOVED the cinnamon ones! I can tell you almost exactly when I became addicted to Carnation Breakfast Bars.Lake Charles, Louisiana, summer 1979. https://www.verybestbaking.com/carnation/recipes/brownies-and-bars Join our interest group to show Nestle's how much they are missed! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Sign the petition! What has the world come to when a simple request can't be made for a childhood favorite (breakfast squares) and family friend.:(. I have been wanting to write to the company too, so glad i found this site. Carnation Breakfast essentials here. See more ideas about carnation breakfast, breakfast essentials, breakfast recipes. Babette, too right, not very sweet, kind of dry and super-dense, but oh those Squares... Oh my Gosh!!! But it means they came out around the same time. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 18. No one I know remembers these tasty treats but I loved them. At Nestlé, we are dedicated to you and your family throughout every phase of your lives. Every so often, I think about Breakfast Squares. I just had a Little Debbie Zebra cake and it reminded me of breakfast Squares. Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powder Drink Mix, Strawberry Sensation, … I miss them, too! Would absolutely buy them over ANY recent breakfast/snack bars! It's like the great mystery of the 70's. I ate them as a child and still crave them :(. (Notable alumnus: Playwright Tony Kushner, who was the drama instructor.) I think they replaced the Carnation Breakfast Squares (oh my favorite!) I decided to look them up to see if we could get them. At this point, even if they came out with chocolate only I might buy out the store. But every time I like something, it goes away. Beat evaporated milk, pumpkin, eggs, salt, pepper, oregano, basil and marjoram in medium bowl. Wow, I am so happy other people remember these. Amazon's Choice for Carnation Breakfast Bars. I would only allow myself 1 a day, even though I wanted more. Remember we are supposed to be supporting variety AND FAIR BUSINESS RELATIONS. Crush peanuts to a near powder. Join our interest group to show nestles how much they are missed. Over to you, Nestlé. View recipe. Nothing compares 2u!! What happened to them? On the mornings that I didn't drink Carnation Instant Breakfast before school, I would eat a Carnation Breakfast Square and drink a big glass of cold milk. 50% of the Daily Value of calcium and vitamin D, as prepared. "Series 38" as it says on side of box. #bringbackbreakfastsquares. Thought I was the only one in the world that remembered. Line a small pan with wax paper and pack the mixture firmly into pan. From chips and dip to one-bite apps, finger foods are the perfect way to kick off a party. Add Karo Syrup (though it is … Later, when I started backpacking, I would take these as meals - perfect backpack snack or meal. Carnation Breakfast Bars Copycat Recipe. These were my very favorite. Over the past 4 decades, i have bought and tried every chocolate breakfast bar i could get my hands on- none ever tasted one bit like the GM Breakfast Squares. On WCFL with DJ Barney Pip in October, 1967. I wish we could all petition Carnation to make them again! When they were discontinued, I searched high and low for them in every store we went to. I used to eat these when I was pregnant and absolutely LOVED them! I WOULD STORE HOP TO FILL MY WEEKLY FAMILIES NEEDS. Ah, like many others on here, it's so good to know that I'm not the only one who remembers these things. Apple Breakfast Bar. I wish they would bring them back. The box had about a dozen bars. I used to eat them in the morning or after school. Seriously addictive! Please bring them back! Someone, please, get the recipe and make these things! (Used to let my sister have those.). I sure wish somebody had a recipe! We really appreciate your feedback. they are to this day my very favorite snack i have ever had. If you don't know how to make vanilla powder follow the recipe here: Combine the following in Blender or coffee grinder and Powder until Fine 1/4 cup confectioners' sugar 1 vanilla bean. I didn't get a lot of tasty treats as a child so that's probably why I all thought they tasted soooooo good. Strawberry Mint Smoothie. … For every occasion, we can help you make the best. My favorite as a kid. I remember these, especially the chocolate ones! Loffland214"at"yahoo.com. Bring back the squares!! I did like them but always was left hungry. I ate two squares every day from the age of five until I was ten years old. Explore Our Carnation Baking Recipes. !Please Join! ~~~ The closest I've been able to find these days are the "Space Food Sticks" you can buy at museums and online and such places. They were awesome! Carnations Instant Breakfast Search. I remember four types of Breakfast squares. Easy. Why, why, why did they have to go away. Add fresh fruit for a change of pace. I remember breakfast squares so well.I used to eat them during my college days, when I missed bteakfast,or just needed a sweet treat. Pleeeeeease? I liked any flavor. They were kind of the consistency of Play-Dough, and were extruded logs about 1/2 inch in diameter and each one came in a paper sleeve that was lined with a type of foil (I guess so space travel would not spoil them). We were all 'space' crazy in the 1960s with NASA and I recall a Carnation Instant Breakfast that was marketed to kids who wanted to be astronauts. when i found out that they were being discontinued, i wrote a letter to [some address] and begged them not to do so. The chocolate ones were my personal favorite but my mother always bought chocolate and vanilla. THEY WERE SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD, I Too LOVED these!! (Certainly not as dense...). I think the only thing that’s made me madder in recent years was the letter I got from Dr. Pepper Snapple when I protested the loss of Hires Root Beer. I married a guy 10 yrs younger than me ... poor thing never had one. Vanilla Chai Swirl. I have an empty box in front of me right now! Cooking Time: 40 minutes. needs to bring them back, and they have to be the same as they were, that same taste and texture. :). In the meantime please visit www.carnationbreakfastessentials.com and sign up to receive coupons.”. Loved the chocolate ones. Wish everyone knew the difference between the Carnation ones and the square general mills ones. From what I remember, truth be told, I can't imagine these things were THAT healthy. I would buy these for myself and my children if they brought them back! Recipes Using Evaporated Milk | Quick Easy - Carnation Milk I remember eating these while watching Captain Kangaroo. I used to sneak into my dad's closet and take at least one, oh they were sooooo good! They would definitely sell compared to whats out there now. Then they stopped selling them and we couldn't get them anymore and I was heavily bummed out and for life. My favorite was the cinnamon ones Please bring them back. In 2013, someone even launched a Change.org petition, threatening to boycott Nestlé if the company didn’t bring back Breakfast Bars. Bring these babies back!!!! Every DAY I had those. I was just watching an episode of The Bob Newhart show and they talk about breakfast smidgins. My friend and I were just watching an episode of a Disney cartoon that had brownies that looked just like the ever delicious Breakfast Squares. google_ad_width = 120; i was talking to my wife about favorite breakfast and snack foods and i told her about breakfast squares. Chocolate was my favorite. Also, the recipe is proprietary and is not available. I SOOOO LOVED THEM. This recipe makes delicious soft and chewy healthy granola bars (or energy bars) full of oats, dried fruit, and whole grains. Nutrition Information. Although not exact ... the Nature Valley Soft-Baked Squares in the Cocoa Peanut Butter flavor taste as close to the real thing as I have found. Why can't they make them again? UUUUUUUMMMMMMM. I wish they brought them back. My mom used to buy the chocolate ones when I was a kid. Absolutely loved these things. I have been wanting these for years too. Is there a prayer we could say so it could be answered? Wish they would bring them back! I used to eat these everytime i went to my grandmas!! Nov 2, 2018 - Make and share this Carnation Breakfast Bars Copycat Recipe recipe from Food.com. Chocolate bars with a chocolate coating on them. 1/4 teaspoon salt. Stadion at the headquarters of the Emperor of Austria. I would feel so excited when my Mom would buy a variety pack of these things, I'd want to hoard them like Golem holding his precious. i loved the general mills breakfast squares back in the 70's i would always eat one before school because i hated cereal with milk. Why dont they bring the Bfast SQUARES back???? They came in a package of two, they were … Lets bring back the squares! :( No good news any where in that email darn it! I've actually moved into action mode on this and have a retro-sweets (that's the type of aficionados we are in fact) expert looking into it. My best Breakfast Square memory is from around 1976 - Christmastime. If they are selling them in Europe, why can't we have our squares back? Community See All. I rarely ever ate breakfast after they quit making these. This page includes Savory Breakfast Squares Recipe, Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole, Carnation Instant Breakfast Recipes, "Egg in the Hole" Recipes, Making Granola With Corn Syrup?, Hot Cornmeal Cereal Recipes, Japanese Style Puff Pancakes, and more. I still crave the taste of them every now and then. I distinctly remember that they changed the recipe for these things sometime along the line and the revision did not turn out well. They came in chocolate and vanilla, I do not remember any other flavors. The pinnacle was getting to split a pack on the way home. No one else has ever heard of these. BRING BACK THE "BREAKFAST SQUARES"!!!!! They came in twin packs in a box of 8 or 10. Let's Get Others Together To Call General Mills Co.and Bring Them Back!! They were so chewy and dry. Butterscotch was my favorite. 1970s General Mills Breakfast Squares Vintage Recipes Light I was a 14 year old high schooler attending an educational program for gifted students at mcneese state university. &I Remember Eating Them Afterschool Before Drill Team Or Gymnastics Practice!! I am sure their would be several thousand people ordering cases of the breakfast square's to tied us over until the next production. I thought these were a figment of my imagination. Chocolate was my favorite but the vanilla would still be acceptable. I REMEMBER ALL THE SOLDIERS LOVE THEM. Smucker Foods of Canada Corp. does not knowingly collect any personal information from individuals under the age of 19 in Canada. [i'm not a fan of chocolate]. Ladies’ Lunch on a Platter (makes 6 servings) 1 tablespoon (1 envelope) unflavored gelatine. I was in heaven. Get it as soon as Tomorrow, Jan 22. Carnation tried making breakfast seem cool to teenagers in a rocking radio commercial. I loved them. Halloween Caramel Sandwich Biscuits. I loved the Chocolate ones. Chocolate Breakfast Squares is my all time favorite food. Carnation Breakfast Bars Petition . Offers may be subject to change without notice. 2. Make and share this Carnation Breakfast Bars Copycat Recipe recipe from Food.com. 24 – 36 … The ones I had were light in color.Vanilla maybe or butterscotch not sure.I remember watching Ultraman and eating them right after school lol. My fav were the cinnamon ones, although the chocolate ones were good, too! If they would bring them back for old time sake for a bit they would sell right out. I loved the cinnamon and the Maple flavor. After I couldn't buy those any longer I switch to the Carnation Breakfast Bars (kinda like granola and mini choc chips made into a candy bar then dipped in chocolate). My vice was the spiced bars with milk! These things were a classic, had them practically every day for breakfast before heading off to school. Coca-Cola Is Finally Combining Its Two Best Flavors to Create Cherry-Vanilla Coke, Why Thomas Keller Thinks Farm-to-Table Is Absurd, The Best Post-Party Breakfast Spots in Atlanta, According to Local DJs. We need our squares! Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars - Low Carb Best Healthly Low-Carb Diet chia seeds, flax seed meal, almonds, cashews, chocolate chips and 4 more Healthy Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars … GENERAL MILLS - PLEASE BRING ORIGINAL BREAKFAST SQUARES BACK!!!!!!! Cookies n' Creme Pops. Line a small pan with wax paper and PACK the mixture FIRMLY into pan. google_color_url = "1F2B9E"; They are not overly sweet – just lightly sweetened with the natural goodness of maple syrup – my favorite natural sweetener. 1/4 cup finely chopped onion. I would buy cases upon cases of these as a way of traveling back through time. Rate this Carnation Breakfast Bars Copycat Recipe with 1 cup spanish peanut, peeled and crushed to a near powder, 1 cup rolled toasted oats, 1 cup rice krispies, 1/2 cup miniature chocolate chip, 1/3 cup light karo syrup, 36 oz milk chocolate Photo by Halfdark via Getty Images, Carnation Breakfast Bars Haunt Me to This Day. It became so routine that my mother would stock up on them when I came home to visit. My faves were chocolate and vanilla. My sister and I LOOVED these. By 1970, the role was outgrown, and Pip was heard less, but still hosted live-music shows at clubs until leaving for New York (1971). then take off the shelf. These were so awesome and are part of the best memories of my life. Printable Recipe Card. I only could get them at my babysitters. I wish these would come back! I miss these bars so much. Here one day and gone the next. I would buy them all up from my local store. MAKE RECIPE. I loved those, can still remember their unique flavor and consistency. I can tell you almost exactly when I became addicted to Carnation Breakfast Bars. View recipe. //-->, Food of the Seventies, Carnation Breakfast Squares, Loading images, if this message doesn't go away you may need to enable javascript in order to see pictures. Other talk involved the return of Dick Biondi (Halloween show) after several month's absence (quit WLS). Breakfast recipes submitted by ThriftyFun community of everyday experts. I was 12 and I'd wake up before the others, go downstairs and turn on the Christmas tree lights. We always had the variety pack. $27.46 $ 27. But every time I eat a brownie I wish it was a chocolate breakfast square. We should buy the rights and get these back on the market. Recipes; Breakfast. The cinnamon was my favorite with a glass of milk. I was never able to eat breakfast foods, would get sick if I tried, but I could eat breakfast squares and Loved them! I just worry if they did try to market them again, they would change the recipe. Pack firmly in small pan. They were SOOOOOO yummy! Nothing else comes close to what a fabulous treat they were :( grumble grumble. I remember thinking they were really good, and the astronauts didn't have it too bad if they were eating these for breakfast every morning. We could adjust the recipe for the servings. Does anyone have a recipe? Brings back lots of memories reading all the comments here. OMG!! Press on bottom of ungreased 13 x 9-inch baking pan. Carnation Breakfast Bars Carnation Breakfast Bars. I won’t do it. View All Our Recipes. I only remember chocolate and vanilla but they were fab-u-lous! I probably had them a few times while hearing the song. Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powder Drink Mix . Melt 1/2 choc and spread over top. I got called back in August, (for another 29 days, this seemed to be a Johnson policy, less union workers). The chocolate with milk- I will never get over them. Everything I like gets discontinued :(. I can still taste the chocolate ones! A bit dry, but the were good. Carnation Instant Breakfast Bars Recipe. No one seems to know. Breakfast squares were the only filling food leaving you with lots of energy all day. Chocolate was hers. Ahh, the image brings back delicious memories! I emailed General Mills regarding Breakfast Squares, asking if they will bring them back to the shelves or would provide a copycat recipe if not the actual recipe and I was told that the product wasn't as successful as anticipated and once a product is discontinued it is very seldom ever brought back. Member Recipes for Carnation Breakfast Bars. Since my previous post, I found out that neither Carnation nor Nestle' were the manufacter of the Breakfast Squares. I too like many of you grew up on the AWSOME breakfast square (chocolate), I have been looking for them forever. Carnation Breakfast Bars Recipe?The full recipe for Carnation Breakfast Bars posted her is not the correct one. Chocolate was always my favorite. Have been looking on their web site for recipe? i just has a little debbie devils food square that reminded me so much of the chocolate breakfast squares...PLEASE BRING THEM BACK now! Weren't these suppose to "replace" a meal, at least that's what my mom thought so during basketball season she'd have one of those by my plate each morning for like I said afterschool thinking she gave me something to "fill me up" until I got home at 8 o'clock that night. Try the Nabisco Oreo brownie bars with creme filled center....the texture and flavor is very similar. Can't find anything that is similar in taste. Bring them back please. My family LOVED THESE . My fav breakfast square was the cinn. Did they have some super-secret addictive drug (maybe just sugar and fat?) Give me one of those old fashioned chocolate breakfast squares! There were also 2 kinds of chocolate ones, one had a white cream in the center, the other had a fudge cream. Ginger - February 28, 2008 - Report this comment. Me, too! Breakfast Bars got me through some formative years, not to mention a 14-hour ride from Roanoke to New Orleans with no air-conditioning and a bad spark plug. I can't believe there are so many people with the same memories. it has this texture like a brownie but had some type of gooey, crumbly, and dry filling that tasted unusually deliciuous. Alpo Beggin' Dentalife Friskies Wet Kitten Chow Luv Purina Beneful (Dogs) Purina Busy Bone Purina Cat Chow Purina Dog Chow Purina Fancy Feast Purina One Cat Purina ONE smartblend Purina Pro Plan - Cat Purina Pro Plan - Dog Purina Proplan Vet Diet CAT Purina Puppy Chow Purina Veterinary Diets (dog) Tidy Cats. I was crazy about the chocolate. Not Now. Would love to have the recipe. Less than two bucks for a box of six, if I recall correctly. Food & Beverage. Add Karo Syrup (though it is possible to pack the ingredients without this). I will buy them by the case! $25.98 $ 25. Called " Bring Back General Mills Breakfast Squares" Let's Try To Get Thousands To Join And Leave Their Memories,And Get General Mills Attention!! BRING THEM BACK!!!! (no ratings) Carnation Breakfast Bars. I remember a variety pack with chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon. She never found out. If someone can figure out how to make them, I would be very grateful.

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