There should be no trace Ammonia and Nitrite, Nitrate should be under 25ppm. Cherry shrimp for sale these are high-quality cherries with a deep red coloration and thick shells. Please login and you will add product to your wishlist. The natural coloration of the shrimp is green-brown. The Red Cherry Shrimp is the red color variation of the wild Neocaridina heteropoda. With Sakura Red there is a marked difference between the male and female in coloration. These guys have been selectively bred for the darker red through generations of culling. Painted Fire Red Shrimp There is a deeper darker color here, in both the males and the females. When using fertilizer, make sure it does not contain copper as it is harmful to the shrimp’s health. Personally I kind of dont like the dull, matte red… Painted fire red shrimp are completely solid in color and have no transparent patches. Breeding a red cherry shrimp grade to painted fire is extremely difficult for hobbyists that are just starting out. visit Shrimpy Business to buy it. However, males will range from Sakura red to Painted Fire Red Grade as male neocaridina shrimp are just less colorful than their female counterparts. Fire red shrimp is the next grade and refers to shrimp that are completely red. Should I get fire red or painted fire red shrimp? our cherry shrimps are super active and breeding constantly. There are the Sakura, Fire, Taiwan Fire and Painted Red Shrimp. Wine Red Shrimp or Red King Kong Shrimp, they have wine red color with one or two white stripes on the back. If you are using tap, keep in mind to check for any harmful metals or chemicals in the water as all tap water is different and some aren't safe to use. These shrimps are so red that it might look like someone has painted deep red color on their body. Fire Red comes from the Neocaridina Davidi Line and has been selectively bred to get its red color. The more opaque it is, the higher the grade is. Females will always be Painted Fire Grade. I havent only seen pics of them and not in person, so I dont fully trust my judgement as I havent seen them in person. Fire reds on the other hand just tend to be 'red' shrimp. 90 SoShrimp 5 Red Cherry Shrimp Fire Red - Neocaridina davidi Live Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp - 1/4 to 1 inch Long 3.9 out of 5 stars 30 \u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p . However, you can spot them using a strong backlight. Females are nearly completely red with the possibility of patches that are translucent near their underbelly. I Got That Fire Main! 3 reviews for Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimp (10) Rated 5 out of 5 Dave – June 1, 2019 All 10+1 shrimp arrived healthy, active and looking incredible. Fire Red Shrimp SS Grade are our highest Red Cherry shrimp grade, one of the most common shrimps in the hobby. These are popular among the shrimp hobby and are great for people getting into the hobby. Was thinking either Taiwan/Sakura Fire Reds or Painted Fire Reds or some nice Blood Marys. Needless to stay, there is not even a single transparent patch over the whole body. Feed only 2-3 times a week as overfeeding will cause shrimp death. )SL Aqua MORE Meat (Increases growth rate)SL Aqua MORE Veggie (Provides a balanced diet, enhances coloration, and promotes shrimp's immunity), Monday- All Order TypesTuesday- All Order TypesWednesday- All Order TypesThursday- Next Day and Standard (No Shrimps)Friday- Standard (No Shrimps)Saturday- Shipping unavailableSunday- Shipping unavailable. They make excellent clean up crews for aquascape tanks. Change more water: Do 5-10% water changes per day, this is simple the cleaner the water is the more your shrimp will grow. The eggs and saddles are completely invisible under the strong opaque red body. The grading is judged by how opaque the red is. I would buy it again from him, Got a really good deal for high quality shrimp! Nitrate should be under 20ppm. The highest grade of Cherry Shrimps are Painted Fire Red which has full red coverage throughout its body and legs. Wine Reds are a variety of Taiwan Bee shrimp, they are a mutation of crystal red, crystal black, and golden bee shrimp. Fire Red Shrimp are available in a range of colors, described as grades. Aquarium should be fully cycled before introducing any shrimp. A general rule of thumb of keeping shrimps is 10 shrimps per gallon. In an event of an DOA, a refund or reshipment will be issued for only the DOA (not including the shipping cost). Painted fire red shrimp usually have red legs as well. Aquatic Arts 1 Live Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) - Breeding Age Young Adults at 1/2 to 1 Inch Long 5 out of 5 stars 7 $5.90 $ 5 . Would recommend. When aquarists started breeding Neocaridina davidi shrimp, it became obvious that this species had a large number of color genes in their makeup. Common Name: Fire Red Shrimp, Red Cherry Shrimp, Painted Fire Red Shrimp, Red Shrimp, RCS, You can purchase this product but it's out of stock, $18.99+ 2nd day/ Priority (Live Shrimps/ Drygoods), $35.00 Next Day (Live Shrimps/ Small Drygoods), You must send a picture of the DOA in an unopened bag with. Don´t ask for a cheaper price. We recommend keeping them in hard water with a gH of at least 8 for them to show their best color. Painted Fire Red shrimp are the last and highest grade. I love watching my Fire Reds swim and feast. Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimp are the highest grade of red cherry shrimp available, so they are completely solid red - even their legs! WHAT YOU GET This package consists of TWENTY (20) Fire Red Neo Shrimp.The price is for 1 Package of 20 Fire Red Neo Shrimp. My painted fire red colony has exploded.