Yes there was a lot of racing going on at that time, and some of these race engines did get put into street cars and power levels would have been 300+ hp. Apart from the cost saving... its a much more simple set up....And with the t2 series. Il se monte en lieu et place de l'origine et permet ainsi de conserver de nombreux éléments standards : collecteur et ligne d'échappement, admission, actuator et durites d'alimentation en eau et huile. But most ball bearing turbochargers should come with an oil restrictor fitted. It should have the part number PN 430609-230 for the correct size. Yes on plate is gt25 40 but it looks like someone upgraded putting hks trim That turbo from picture run 1.3bar boost an give me 345km so max range is 360km ?,, Upgrade turbocharger for GT2554R (471171-3) and GT2560R (466541-1); turbine housing flanges are outline inter-changable; T25 Internal-WG or VBand External-WG turbine housings ; Great size for applications w/ packaging constraints; Ideal for smaller displacement engines making up to 360 hp; Turbine Housing option available; Compressor Specifications: 60 trim compressor wheel; 0.60 AR … Hello Igor, if you want a turbo that will be on full boost on your Honda engine at 2500rpm then something like the GT2554 turbo would do the job. You`re obviously expert opinion would be much appreciated. Hello, I have a 97 Audi S6. Cheers Keith. Compressor Map. Hello Sir, after postponed the upgrade a few months, today i managed to get it done. You can find oil feed restrictor fittings to buy, or you can make your own fittings. Today’s car are much safer than the ones years ago, but you need to understand that when we double and triple the amount of power and turn our 100mph car into a 200mph fire spitting monster of a car you really, really should spend some time and pick out some racing safety gear also. This would tell if it really is a problem with the housing being to small.If you have an aftermarket ECU or logger that can handle extra input then there are back pressure kits to install not then you can use a simple oil pressure, or boost gauge (really any gauge that reads pressure works) and connect it to the exhaust manifold with a coiled copper pipe, this cools the gases to not damage the gauge.Here's a good discussion with pictures on - MSM Exhaust Manifold Pressure Test video from the link showing everything is working right, 30psi boost and 20psi back pressure indicates the exhaust housing is not restricting you are seeing 17 psi boost and close to 17 psi back pressure then that would confirm your exhaust housing being to small and it is restricting flow on the top end. GT2860R vs GT2860RS questions. Hello, you could go with either the Garrett GT2860RS or the GT2860R turbo if you like. Well you still might have to do that today, and serious race teams do spend alot of money to get the electrical side working right. The car is a daily driver 5 speed manual with 4.10 gears and a few mods. Which spec of GT2860RS would you recommend to go for? But considering the compressor size and a good flowing engine you could see 200whp from 0.5 bar boost with this turbocharger. By Hi Adrian, hard to say if 360 is possible. I don't know if there is a difference, but my turbo is a GTX2860 of the first generation(GEN 1)! However it being a very small turbo for your engine and power, it is going to spool and give full boost much lower down the rpm range around 2000 rpm.So because of that I would recommend you go with the Garrett GT3076R turbocharger instead, because then you would get the turbo to start to build boost around 3000-4000 rpm like you want. Garrett have 3 different GT15 turbochargers. Hello Gabriel, your GTX 2860 should handle 1.5 bar / 22 psi boost without problems. Hi Kevin, the Audi engines are pretty well built so I would not really worry about it at 350hp. Power levels have just gone up and up and up.. It’s not uncommon to see street cars today with 500hp and then there are the ones who have gone even higher, breaking the 1000hp barrier. But that is maxing out the turbo, so don't expect a lot more. Was considering the gt2860r with 62 trim but would like a professional opinion. Pls advice. Silicone hoses where did you get that? If I may confuse you even more you can check out Peter Schmidt that runs a supercharger GT42r turbo setup in his 2.7l 16v Volvo 360 timeattack car. That way you have a good solid engine and if you wanted more power in the future you would only have to go with a bigger turbo. I'm wondering what advice you might have for a fella who wants to build a custom single turbo kit for a 4.0 Ford Mustang engine. Thread starter grip grip; Start date Feb 4, 2020; grip grip. The next step would be to go with the GT2560R turbo that also use the same 0.64 A/R turbine housing. >.